Handmade Furniture

Bespoke furniture sympathetically crafted from local wood

Simon Saggers and James Paxman have created a partnership to craft tables, benches, sculptures and bespoke items from their collection of beech, oak, Lebanese cedar, elm, ash, lime, chestnut and walnut. They are also keen on recycling wood from demolition projects and skips. The partnership ethos is to discover, unearth or salvage dead, dying or dangerous trees in the local area and use them to create whatever the particular tree suggests. They will also happily develop specific items for individual commissions.


As a guide prices for small coffee table start at £250 while the large dinning tables are £1000. Coffee blocks are £60.

The tables in the pictures have been finished using natural oils and will happily live outside (or indeed inside) giving many years of service. If outside the surface can occasionally be re-oiled to maintain a ‘fresh’ finish or allowed to weather, mellow and develop its unique character.

Over time the natural processes at work within each slab of wood may lead to cracks opening (or closing) and to other natural wood movements. Organic materials such as wood are hygroscopic and will react to changes in the moisture content of the air around them. Very dry air will cause drying out and shrinkage conversely, a damp environment may result in expansion.