"Adopt-a-vine"... and then drink its wine!

Adopt a Vine

A unique opportunity to adopt your own personal vine in Bassingbourn’s first vineyard – watch it grow during the Spring and Summer months and help it on its way! Pick the grapes at harvest time (usually early October) and finally … drink the wine from your vine. Adopt your vine for £25 and then receive, a bottle of wine per adopted vine.

“The vine adopters will help us cover the initial set up costs, which are quite substantial and be part of a fantastic journey.” said Jacqui who is sure that being part of a vineyard adventure will appeal to lots of locals, “Although it will be an expensive bottle of wine it will be one with a priceless story attached!”

The Vineyard

A new tradition is being created in Bassingbourn – wine making! Simon & Jacqui Saggers who own and run the Guilden Gate smallholding in the village are planting 350 Bacchus grape vines on 1/3 acre. The vineyard planting is currently underway and they are looking for wine lovers to take part and adopt a vine.

The Wine

The first vintage Bassingbourn wine (which will be a crisp, dry white) will not be produced until 2015 as it takes three to four growing seasons to establish the vines. However there is a lot of work to be done before then. The vines need to be trained, trimmed and generally loved before the first harvest. Jacqui and Simon are offering 20 people the chance to adopt a vine and get involved in the process of making the wine from planting to drinking! For £25 each the wine lovers will have the opportunity to get involved in the whole fascinating process and take home one of the first 20 bottles produced. “We hope it will be a community supported wine making process” said Simon “we currently grow local food for local people at Guilden Gate and have a wonderful relationship with our customers so we thought why not grow local grapes for local wine!”